Starting taken my Vivitrol over the weekend…

On Friday my nurse that gives me my medicine worked very hard to get me so I could start the Vivitrol Friday. The last couple of weeks I have been so hopeful to get started on the Vivitrol pills. I have been so desperate to find something that would replace my meth use and help me quite for good.

When I ended up getting home on Friday I took the Vivitrol and then feel asleep. I ended up walking up with a really bad stomach ach. So then Saturday I decided that I wasn’t going to take it until bed time. All day Saturday I struggled really bad with wanting to use. Later Saturday night a friend of mine stopped by, she also uses meth. For a while we just chilled talking about her boyfriend. I really should of never answered my door. She then pulled out her drugs and asked if I wanted to get high. Seeing all those drugs on the table really didn’t help at all. I wanted to get high so bad. I wanted to feel NUMB all over. I ended up giving up on all the hard work that I have done the past couple of weeks at staying clean. I have been using the past 2 days.

I’m so disappointed in myself. I also just fucked up me taking Vivitrol anymore. How could I be so fucking stupid and fuck up everything again.

I’m never going have any luck at all trying to stay away from the meth use. It’s even harder to stay away from it because deep down I really don’t want to quit.



Okay so Tuesday I had an appointment with my nurse practitioner who gives me my psycho meds…we have a new plan to hopefully help me with quitting my drug use…I’m going to get to try Vivitrol pills first then switch to the shot from… Vivitrol is supposed to help me with my cravings and other stuff…you can’t use drugs why you’re taking it either…it can cause you to have a heart attack and make you sick also….

I know that I can’t rely fully on the drug to stop me from using…I have to do some work to…I’m hoping so much that this helps me to quit using meth….I have tried for so many years to stop before but I could never stop…

Wish me luck and I could use all the support I can get in this new journey I’m about to begin…

Missing a Monster

2 years ago today, I lost my best friend and a monster in my life.

He just went to go get him some drugs and after he picked it up and was driving around with a friend they ended up getting pulled over. He didn’t want to end up going to jail so he ended up eating the 5 g of meth he had on him. Sad to say it ended up killing him that day. I think of him every single day.

Today has been a really hard day for me. I really can’t believe how I have made it through this day at all. I’ve been wanting to take a whole bunch of pills that I have had in front of me all day. I just now flushed those down my toilet. I have decided that I don’t want to do that and I cooked dinner and getting ready for a visit with my mom tomorrow.


February 2021 Goals

I decided to come up with some goals that I want to work on…

1. Learn to accept the way I am. 2. Need to feel and express my feelings effectively. 3. Learn how to use my spare time more better. 4. Want to feel more comfortable with my body. 5. Learn how to handle being alone better. 6. Learn to be more assertive with others and set boundaries. 7. Stop a drug I’m addicted to. 8. Learn to live in difficult situations with out using drugs. 9. Learn to handle my anxiety and stress a lot better. 10. Try and complete these goals by the end of the summer july-2021.

I can do this!!!!


Wanting to try a medicine that would help me stop using my favorite drug…

So for the past month I have been talking with a few people in my treatment team…they were wanting me to try Adderall in place of the use of meth… Now it’s Vyvanse… from what I have read and people telling me it has the same affect as meth and can make me feel the same way maybe…I’m willing to try it out but first I have to pass a drug test and make sure that all the meth is out of my system…as soon as I get clean I will be trying it…is there any one who is taking Vyvanse that can tell me how you feel about it?

Letting go

At some point, you just have to let go and move on. It might be the hardest thing in the the would to do, but you have to summon all of the strength you possibly can to finally let go. Some people and things just aren’t going to be meant for you, no matter how much you hoped they would…But know that it’s ok for things to not work out. Nobody’s life is a straight line that makes perfect sense. Everybody has twists and turns, and everyone has to turn around every now and then. So when you find yourself wishing and hoping things out of control would change, summon all your strength to let go and start heading back in a new direction because it’ll lead you closer to your true path.


February 16th

Be open to change. Be open to allowing yourself to blossom. That is the first step. Be gentle with your journey. No one changes over night, no one is perfect. It will be a struggle but you can do it. Speak kindly to yourself. Look in the mirror and say nice things even if it is hard and believe it. Learn to have compassion for yourself and for mistakes. Everyone makes them. Ask for what you really want and don’t be afraid to believe that you are worthy of it. You are so worthy. Don’t be afraid to love yourself completely even when you fuck up every single day.

Merry Christmas

I know that this is a day late…but merry Christmas… hope you had a great Christmas…mine was ok…my son got me a new friend…his name is Don and he is very loveable and soft…I really love the way he sits… very cute…I really needed a new friend…we even had a little white snow blowing around yesterday…

I know I haven’t been writing lately but I’m going to try and keep up… hopefully my new year is better than the last one… hope everyone has a good and safe new year…

Really struggling and about to just give up…

I’m just really struggling with everything right now and I’m really tired and don’t want to deal with it anymore…I think I need to take my meds and try to get some sleep for a bit…if that doesn’t work by later today I think I need to go back to the inpatient unit and get more help…or something because nothing else is working… I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that I hear voices…they are really bad right now and I can’t get them to shut the fuck up…all they say is I am a worthless piece of shit and deserve to die…