I have been told that I have been doing this alot lately… sabotaging everything I am doing that is good for me…I have never heard of this until I looked it up and did research…I couldn’t believe it but I agreed…so my goal right now is to figure out how I can stop myself from doing it anymore…I found this 31 day DBT challenge to stop sabotaging…I wanted to share it with you in case anyone else wants to try it…

The workbook is called…

Hope you are all doing ok.


Inpatient Stay

Last week I was amited to the impatient unit. I was there for about 6 days. I really know I needed it, but I don’t think it helped me at all. They really didn’t do anything. I got rest. I think my meds aren’t working for me right now. I don’t have a med eval until the 27th. I hope I can wait until then. My thoughts are really not good right now. I’m still not coping well in my new apartment. I know I just have to give it time. I haven’t really gone out to meet anyone here. Still kinda scared but hopefully soon. I’m getting a visit from my mom this weekend. Happy about that.

Hope you are all doing well..


All Moved In

Sorry, it’s been a minute since I posted. I’m trying to stay up with posting often this year.

Since my last post I have my from my apartment that I had lived in for 14 years. This has been a really hard move. I’m not coping with it well at all. I didn’t really tell a lot of people where I was moving to either. It’s supposed to be like a fresh start. I’m hoping it gets easier really soon. I really haven’t gone outside to even try and meet people. I really seem to draw the wrong crowd. So I think I will wait on meeting new people later. I can’t believe it’s already June. My son left last week for Florida for the summer. I hope he has fun.

Last week I asked to see a new therapist. That’s another big change I’m not ready for. Please pray I get through it with no problems.

Hope you have a good day Heather