I see no point anymore in asking for help!!

I’m told by my therapist, case manager, med nurse to reach out to them for help if I need to…so I do… and I don’t get a response from any of them…so I don’t know what the point in asking for help from anyone anymore…I’m really struggling and I feel like I am all alone…my suicidal thoughts are really getting bad….I don’t know what to do anymore…

15 thoughts on “I see no point anymore in asking for help!!

  1. Hello, maybe you may have tried it already but if have not, you can find some support in a recovery group, where you can find others going through similar experiences.
    Don’t give up hope, it is going to be fine

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  2. You are not alone. People do care, even if they aren’t showing it in ways that are speaking to you at the moment. If you feel you are in crisis, you might try the Crisis Text Line. Text HOME to 741741. They have crisis counselors available 24/7.

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  3. I hate this too when you need help and everyone is busy. At times it is necessary to call or chat with the crisis line til it passes. Hope you’re okay.

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  4. You aren’t alone, and that’s shown through all the people reaching out through these comments. The healthcare industry is always busy, especially the areas that help with mental wellness. Nurses and therapists have case loads that often overwhelming. Don’t give up, keep reaching out, and use the non-professionals (random people online, support groups, etc.) for help!

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  5. Hugs for you. You are not alone, it’s actually really positive that you are reaching out here. Keep doing that. And keep asking and searching for help. It’s hard but you have to keep fighting for yourself. Love & light to you

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  6. Hi! Keep reading blogs about recovery and literature about recovery. Find connection with others, and remember that you too have your sunny spot on the Planet. Contact me for a Zoom, for free. x

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