At my breaking point

I am truly at the point where I can’t take it anymore…I’m so tired of trying to do the right thing and then a minute later…turn around a fuck up the good thing I just did… there is no point anymore…I wish someone would help me understand why the hell I feel this way… nobody cares anymore…

7 thoughts on “At my breaking point

  1. I hear/read that you’re going through an immensely difficult time, and that it seems like you’re completely alone in this. It sounds like you’re becoming hopeless and don’t know where to go anymore. Is there someone you talk to on a regular basis like a therapist? There’s always a reason for what we do, sometimes it can be as simple as thinking we’re going to screw things up… Wishing you lots of strength and love.

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  2. Hey, you need TIP in these moments and distress tolerance. The Dbtselfhelp website has em. Take care of yourself this illness is tricking your mind, but you can fight it and win!

    Get Outlook for iOS

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  3. I get the impression that you have a tendency to drastically underestimate the value of what you do right and to apply the proverbial electron microscope to your mistakes. I hope that you learn to be kinder to yourself, to appreciate your own efforts even when they don’t bring the results you’re hoping for.

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  4. Hi ~bpdgirl39~!

    Thanks for following my blog. Just wanted to give you a tip of a meditation technique that has helped me more than I can express. Here is their website:

    I know the fee for the course is fairly high, but it’s a high quality course, and maybe good to have something to strive for?


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