Medicine Change…

It’s been years since I have changed any of my meds…A couple months ago I got a new phsychtrist…I really wasn’t happy with that but there really wasn’t anything I could do about that… last week I had my second session with her…I mentioned that I really didn’t think my meds that I was on were not really helping a lot anymore…I was really depressed and was having suicidal thoughts at times… she asked when the last time I tried a different medicine…I said years…At this point I was reading to try anything now… she desided to take me off my seraqole (900mg) a day… and then start me on Vraylar (1.5 mg) she explained that the Vraylar was like the Seroquel and treats some of the same symptoms… tonight is my second night on the Vraylar…I’m slowly going off the seraqole…a couple days I will let you know how I am doing…I’m kinda of scared but I will be ok…

30 day self esteem challenge

I found this 30 day self esteem challenge. I’m going to see if I can complete it all, and wanted you to complete it with me.

1. List 10 things that you love about yourself?
2. List 5 things that make you smile or make you happy?
3. What is 1 fear or 1 goal that you would like to conquer?
4. What do you do to make yourself feel better when you’re having a bad day?
5. What is your proudest accomplishment?
6. What are some obstacles that are preventing you from accomplishing your goal? What can you do to overcome those obstacles
7. Do you think that you care too much of what others think of you? If so, how can you change that?
8. What is a food that you enjoy that makes you feel good?
9. Do you have genuine respect for yourself and who you are as an individual? If not how can you change that?
10. Are you happy with your ” inner person”? If so why or why not?
11. Is you talk negative or positive? If so why or why not?
12. What is the last thing that made you feel proud of yourself? Why did it make you feel this way?
13. Share about the the last time you felt confident in yourself? Why did you feel that confident?
14. Is there someone in your life who makes you feel good about yourself? If so how and why did you feel that way?
15. Do you like your personal appearance? If so why? If not, what are some ways you could view yourself differently?
16. Do you have make-up, clothing, or any accessories that makes you feel positive about yourself? If so what and why?
17. What do you do to feel calmer when you’re stressed?
18. Do you like the way you talk? If so why?
19. Do you have an activity that makes you feel alive and good within yourself?
20. Gas your self esteem improved since doing this challenge? If so how?
21. List 5 things that you are good at?
22. Which of your skills or abilities do you pride yourself on?
23. What is your ideal outcome of this challenge?
24. Do you compare yourself to others? How can you be more focused on yourself?
25. If you meet a person just like you, would you like them? If so why? If not, how could you view them more positively?
26. When’s the last time that you were too hard on yourself? What do you think you could have done to treat and comfort yourself instead?
27. What is the main barrier to you having positive self esteem? How can you break free from it?
28. What do you consider to be healthy self esteem? Does this match the dictionary definition of a healthy self esteem?
29. What do you think of your teeth and your smile? Do you like them? If not how can you view it more positively?
30. Rate your self esteem on a scale 1-10. Has it improved from when you started this challenge?