June 12, 2021

Wow I really can’t believe it has been since March 1st that I posted anything. A lot has happened since then. I don’t think I could even remember some of the things that have happened.

My goal is to start blogging again.

The last thing I saw I posted was I was going to try a medicine that would help me with my cravings and stuff with my addiction to meth. That didn’t work out. I ended up using two days after I started that pill. May try it again later down the road , not sure yet. I know I’m not using as much as I was a couple months ago.

Last week I started a new kind of therapy called EMDR. Not sure if I am going to like it, but I agreed with my therapist that I would try 5 sessions before I gave up completely. I also started working through the DBT workbook with my case manager. Since covid-19 we haven’t got to have a DBT group in over a year. So hopefully going through that again I can relearn skills I could be using right now. I know I need to be using them, they sure would help.

Enough for now… hope you all have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “June 12, 2021

  1. This is an intriguing post. I don’t know what EMDR therapy or DBT is yet. I guess I can demystify those acronyms by googling them but it would be good to hear your opinions about them too. I hope that writing about the challenges you’re facing is therapeutic for you. All the best with conquering your addictions and triumphing over adversity in general.

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