13 thoughts on “I’m a major failure…

  1. You are NOT a major failure, not a fuck up! We all make mistakes sometimes. Snd it can feel terrible! But it doesn’t mean we are terrible. It’s just part of being human, really. It’s okay. Slow down, catch your breath. Turn to someone you can trust for support. And try to talk kindly to yourself. This difficult moment will pass.

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      1. That’s a terrible feeling. I’m really sorry. Keep examining your social circles, even people you have not traditionally leaned on, and really try to ask yourself if there is someone who might be worthy of trust. Sometimes when we are depressed, we overlook good people who are actually there.

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  2. There’s a part of you that believes that, but there’s also a part of you that keeps on trying. What is that part trying to tell you? What does it want yoi to know about yourself? That part of you that hasn’t given up is so strong.

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  3. Never a failure. You just found a bunch of ways that didn’t work before your ultimate success. Might I ask, what are some of the goals you are working on?

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      1. Right now I’m going to be trying Vivitrol, I’m going to start with pills and then go to the shot. It’s supposed to help me with the cravings and stuff. Maybe knowing that also if I use why in taking this medicine. It could cause me to have a heart attack.


      2. Addiction is hard to abstain no matter the consequences. Praying that Vivitrol helps you with your goal. Not sure if there is a way to PM, but it’s hard with or without medication. Rooting for you friend.


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