February 2021 Goals

I decided to come up with some goals that I want to work on…

1. Learn to accept the way I am. 2. Need to feel and express my feelings effectively. 3. Learn how to use my spare time more better. 4. Want to feel more comfortable with my body. 5. Learn how to handle being alone better. 6. Learn to be more assertive with others and set boundaries. 7. Stop a drug I’m addicted to. 8. Learn to live in difficult situations with out using drugs. 9. Learn to handle my anxiety and stress a lot better. 10. Try and complete these goals by the end of the summer july-2021.

I can do this!!!!


9 thoughts on “February 2021 Goals

  1. Hey… Don’t ever give up! Look at your blog🤗🙂♥️
    It’s awesome. I’ve been trying to get mine going this past year. But my road is sometimes hard. And I mess up. Or don’t come out of my room for 7 days🙄. STAY STRONG
    I hope we can help each other. I’m bi-polar etc…LOL

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    1. Hey, good to meet you thanks for reading my blog. It just takes time you will get your blog the way you want…I like staying in my room a lot also. I hope we can help each other to. Hugs and have a good day


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